A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

Through the maidservant of God, Lua, to the maidservant of God, Corinne True, upon her be the Glory of God

He is God.

O thou whose heart is turned to the Kingdom of God! I was informed of the contents of thy letter to the maidservant of God, Lua, and found it to be a most wondrous message, a call to the true path, and freed from all doubt and uncertainty. Indeed the day hath come whereon the divine edifice, the merciful sanctuary and the spiritual Temple must be raised in America.

I ask God to strengthen His faithful friends in a great service and enable them to exert endeavours adequate to the erection of this great edifice, for which there will be a resounding call in all countries. By it shall the Lord grant confirmation to His loved ones in that land. How great is the endeavour! How sublime the undertaking! For this is the first House of Worship that shall be established in those regions for the commemoration of His praise—a praise which shall reach the Kingdom of divine mysteries. And from that Temple shall be heard the anthems of glorification throughout all regions.

Of those who arise in the service of this edifice there shall be no soul but shall be imbued by God with a power emanating from His mighty Kingdom, and upon him shall rain such spiritual, heavenly blessings as shall fill his heart with a wondrous light and illumine his eyes to behold the glory of the Ancient of Days.

Convey my greetings to thy revered husband and say to him: There shall appear in that great continent, a sign. Turn thy attention to it, so that thereby thy luminous heart may attain confidence. Verily, thy Lord is All-Powerful. Upon thee be salutation and praise.


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