Extract from a Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

As to that which hath been mentioned in the Torah and the Scriptures regarding Lot and his daughters and the apostatizing of some of the Prophets, these are but a medley of dreams for which God hath sent down no warrant. These are only the sayings of the chroniclers among the people of the Book. Know ye that the Torah is what was revealed in the Tablets unto Moses, may peace be upon Him, or that which He was commanded to do. But the stories are historical narratives and were written after Moses, may peace be upon Him. The evidence of this is that in the last Book1, there is mention of events that transpired after the passing of Moses, and this is a clear and manifest proof that these stories were recorded after Moses, may peace be upon Him. These narratives are not reliable; they are stories and accounts concerning which God hath sent down no warrant. For the noble Book and mighty Decree is the Tablets which Moses, upon Him be peace, brought from Mount Sinai, and the laws which He proclaimed unto the children of Israel, in accordance with the explicit text of those Tablets. Therefore, be not astonished by the accounts penned by the chroniclers after Moses, as these accounts are not amongst the firm and conclusive verses of the Scriptures and Tablets.


  • 1

    The Book of Deuteronomy, the last chapter of which speaks of the death of Moses and the succession of Joshua.

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