A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

He is the All-Glorious.

To the pilgrim Ḥájí Nabíl-i-Musáfir, upon him rest the glory of God, the Most Glorious.

He is the All-Glorious.

O thou pilgrim unto that Spot round which circle the embodiments of holiness! It is among the greatest of divine blessings that thou wert brought into existence in this wondrous century, wert numbered among those who worship God, didst hasten unto the holy court of the King of the seen and unseen, didst achieve the honour of attaining unto His Presence, and didst hearken unto the matchless words that proceeded from His sanctified lips. Thou hast now also attained unto the bounty of circumambulating the Spot round which circle the spiritually illumined ones. Thou art firm and steadfast in the Covenant, and hast clung to the hem of the All-Merciful. Wherefore, render thanks unto the one true God that thou hast attained unto all these bestowals and hast been confirmed therein. Now, with a blissful heart and exalted soul, travel forth through every region and cheer and gladden the people of Hamadán with the divine tidings.


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