A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

He is God.

O thou who hast attained unto the Threshold of that Shrine which is sacred unto all the world and the envy of the most exalted Paradise! Praised be God that thou hast, through the gracious favour of the Lord, attained the honour of pilgrimage to the Spot round which circle the denizens of the Abhá Kingdom. Thou hast illumined thy countenance, perfumed thy locks, and sweetened thy disposition. Thou hast encountered that which hath been the utmost desire of the loftiest angels. Thou hast offered thine all in the path of the Beloved, and hast hastened to attain His nearness. How fortunate art thou! Wherefore, unloose thy tongue in praise of the Abhá Beauty and occupy thyself with the remembrance of Him—may my soul and spirit be a sacrifice for His loved ones—that the divine confirmations may become all-encompassing, and Divine Unity, like unto a flame, may blaze in the chamber of thy heart and burn away all the veils. The Most Great Name beareth me witness! The very dust of the Threshold of His Beauty is the loftiest throne of the realities of existence, for it is there that His Beauty is revealed in the visible realm. And yet, alas! Where is the eye capable of discernment? Where is the ear fit to hear, and the heart worthy of comprehending? Blessed are those who inhale the musk-laden fragrances wafting from that Holy Shrine. Glory be upon thee and upon all who are firm in the Covenant.


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