A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

He is the All-Glorious.

O thou who circlest round the Holy Sanctuary! Render thanks unto God that thou hast soared unto the heaven of sanctity and hast attained unto the firmament of Divine Unity. Thou hast quaffed the choice wine of loving-kindness proffered by the Cup-Bearer of Divine bounties, and hast partaken of the bread of the All-Merciful from the banquet table of God. Thou hast anointed thine eyes with that sacred earth which is the collyrium of the chosen ones of God, and hast burnished thy sight with that musk-scented dust. Thou hast entered beneath the shade of the Divine Lote-Tree and hast partaken of the fruits of the blessed Tree that is “neither of the East nor of the West”.1 Thou hast joined the assemblage of the All-Merciful and hast hastened forth, with thine entire being, on the path of the love of God. Thou hast kindled and illuminated thy heart and soul with the effulgent lights emanating from the dayspring of Oneness. Thou hast perfumed thy nostrils with the sweet savours wafting from the Divine rose-garden. Well is it with thee! Blessed, doubly blessed art thou! By God, the True One! Wert thou to recognize and comprehend what God hath ordained for thee, thy heart would rejoice with exceeding delight, thy breast would be filled with gladness, thine eyes would be cheered, and thy soul would be exhilarated. Glory be unto thee!


  • 1

    Qur’án 24:35.

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