Extract from a Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

In brief, though outwardly far away and remote, and burning with the fire of separation, yet, because we are inebriated with the same wine and rejoicing in the bounties of our Forgiving Lord, because we are immersed in one ocean, wanderers in one desert, birds of one rose-garden, and fishes of one sea, therefore are we close companions and intimates, attuned and in harmony. The power of the Abhá Kingdom hath bound us together. The East and the West have embraced, distant lands have drawn near, and all on earth have become even as a single assemblage. Amongst us, therefore, no separation, remoteness, or deprivation can be conceived.

How sweet is the music that reacheth the ears of these eager ones from every corner of the world! It is the celebration of the praise and glory of the All-Forgiving Lord, the song bearing the glad-tidings of the Day of His manifestation.


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