A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

To Jináb-i-Ḥájí Áqá Ján, upon him be the glory of God.

He is God.

O thou pilgrim to the land of the Beloved! Thou didst endure the toils of travel till at last thou didst arrive at the sanctuary of the court of the Almighty. Twice hast thou attained unto this supreme bounty and been singled out for this honour and distinction. Thou hast become the object of the praise of the Concourse on high and the recipient of the blessings of the Abhá Beauty. The glance of His loving-kindness is all-encompassing, and His favours and bestowals are unfailing. Rejoice thou with delight for having such good fortune! The dwellers of this ephemeral world, high and low alike, spend their days and nights in pursuit of worldly matters only to suffer, in the end, manifest loss. Praised be God that thou hast partaken of a fruit from the Tree of Life, and hast discovered a glimmer of the bounties of the Lord of manifest signs. Thou hast quaffed a cup of the wine of heaven, and hast left an enduring legacy in this transitory world, notwithstanding that those who have renounced the world seek neither name nor fame, and pursue neither ambition nor desire. They show no regard for this world and seek naught save the good-pleasure of God. They tread no path but His, and speak naught save His praise. Notwithstanding, the blessings of this world too are destined for the beloved of God, whereas the fate of the heedless is naught but loss and ruin in both this world and the world to come. Render thanks unto God that thou hast been attired with this vesture and adorned with this crown! Upon thee be greetings and praise.


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