A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

He is the All Glorious.

To the pilgrim, Áqá Khudádád, upon him be the glory of God the Most Glorious.

He is the All Glorious.

O thou musk-scented pilgrim! The Holy Shrine is the quintessential musk, the ambergris and sweet fragrance that perfume the nostrils of the embodiments of divine mercy. Whilst the heedless perceive but mere dust, those endowed with insight behold a spotless jewel and luminous star. To the eye of a child, the pearl and its shell are of equal worth. And in the estimation of the ignorant, crude glass is indistinguishable from a resplendent gem, and base copper hath the same value as the purest gold. But whensoever the matchless pearl and the lustrous gold are brought under the scrutiny of the assayer in the jewellers’ market, their value and quality become readily manifest and recognized. In like manner, the denizens of the Concourse on high perceive the sweet scents of the Most Holy Shrine, and the manifestations of sanctity within the Abhá Kingdom inhale the vivifying fragrances wafting from the Most Sacred Sepulchre, for its very dust is life-giving and its atmosphere reviveth the spirits of those endued with perception. Render thanks, therefore, that thou hast received this most precious bestowal and hast been strengthened through this supreme bounty. Return, now, in a state of utmost enkindlement, joy, and fervour, and convey greetings and affection on behalf of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá to the loved ones of God. Say:

“O friends! This is the time for fellowship and harmony. This is the day of oneness and of being everywhere united in speech. For disunity is tantamount to death and destruction, whilst harmony conferreth life and salvation. The glory of the Cause of God and of His loved ones dependeth upon unity and wisdom, whilst disunity, falsehood, and estrangement cannot but lead to the degradation and abasement of both. Wherefore, strive to the utmost of your ability to increase your unity and harmony, that ye may become the manifestations of divine mercy.”


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