A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

O physician of the body and the spirit! Thy letter dated 12 April 1919 was received and renewed our old covenant; that is, after an interruption in our communication for some time, we once again began to correspond.

Miss Stevens is in England.

Praised be God that thou art now in an important place, a place where there is great capacity for the propagation of the divine teachings. For some time it hath been my wish that the call of the Kingdom of God may be raised in that great land. Nowhere in the whole world may be found people as civilized and humanitarian as the inhabitants of that land. Therefore, it is my earnest hope that the Divine Spirit may rapidly bestow eternal life upon those receptive souls, and that thou mayest be one of the summoners to the Kingdom, for I think it will become evident on all sides that divine confirmations will be vouchsafed to those heavenly souls from every direction. I am confident, and thou shouldst likewise be confident and engage in spreading the teachings of God.

Convey my greetings and love to all the friends, especially Mr. Schwarz,1 Mr. Herrigel,2 Mrs. Taereh,3 who is truly radiant, and to others. Upon thee rest greetings and praise.


7 May 1919


  • 1

    Albert Schwarz.

  • 2

    Wilhelm Herrigel.

  • 3

    Alice Schwarz.

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