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    This Tablet was addressed to one Mrs. Pocohontas in Washington. According to Fáḍil Mázandarání, the recipient of the Tablet was a black woman. See Tárikh-i-Zuhúru’l-Ḥaq, vol. 8, part 2, p. 1209 (Ṭihrán: Bahá’í Publishing Trust, 132 B.E.). Additional information provided by the Archives of the National Spiritual Assembly of the United States indicates that Mr. Louis Gregory, in a history of the Washington, D.C. Bahá’í community, mentions a black Bahá’í, Mrs. Pocohontas Pope, who is likely the same person. Mrs. Pope learned of the Bahá’í Faith through Alma and Fanny Knobloch and Joseph and Pauline Hannen. There is, at present no other information on Mrs. Pope.

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    From other extracts it is evident that the limitation of membership to men applies only to the Universal House of Justice, and not to the National and Local Houses of Justice.

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    This passage appears in the present compilation under Section IV, page 24.

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    The quotation in the original letter which was taken from Paris Talks, p. 182, has been replaced by this revised translation.

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    Qur’án 49:13

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    Qur’án 23:14

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    Qur’án 55:2

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