The Universal House of Justice

28 June 2001

To the Friends Gathered at Canada’s Second Youth Conference in Sherbrooke (Canada), 28 June–1 July 2001

Dear Bahá’í Friends,

The rising momentum of the series of youth conferences in the Americas has been a source of great joy to us, and we welcome the opportunity to speak directly to your gathering this weekend in the heart of French Canada.

As you are all certainly aware, the Bahá’í World Centre has just been the scene of a series of extraordinary events marking the successful completion of the great building projects on Mount Carmel, events whose impact on public consciousness throughout the world has far surpassed the brightest hopes of the Bahá’í community. At the conclusion of the conference accompanying the inauguration, we addressed a message to the friends assembled from every part of the world and virtually every segment of humanity. Its central theme, and the perspectives in which that theme is set forth, hold special implications for the youth of the Bahá’í world, and we are therefore moved to forward you a copy of the statement, in the confidence that it will assist in focussing your consultations this weekend.

Historical circumstances have endowed people of North America—and particularly its youth—with opportunities and resources denied to the great majority of the rest of the human family. While the immediate focus of your deliberations must be the needs of the ambitious area growth programs underway throughout Canada and the United States, it is vital that you keep ever in the forefront of your minds the fact that your two communities have been singled out by the unerring pen of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá for a mission that embraces the entire planet. Far from being inhibited by investment of your energies in other parts of the world, the work of the Cause in North America will derive fresh vision and vitality from such contributions.

Be confident of our ardent prayers at the Holy Shrines that Bahá’u’lláh will inspire the minds and hearts and confirm the resolutions you make to advance His Cause.

With loving Bahá’í greetings,

[signed: The Universal House of Justice]

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