Additional Tablets, Extracts and Talks


A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

He is God.

O handmaid of the Most High! Our hearts rejoiced at thy letter concerning a school for girls. Praised be God that there is now a school of this type in Ṭihrán where young maidens can, through His bounty, receive an education and with all vigour acquire the accomplishments of humankind. Erelong will women in every field keep pace with the men.

Until now, in Persia, the means for women’s advancement were non-existent. But now, God be thanked, ever since the dawning of the Morn of Salvation, they have been going forward day by day. The hope is that they will take the lead in virtues and attainments, in closeness to the Court of Almighty God, in faith and certitude—and that the women of the East will become the envy of the women of the West.

Praised be God, thou art confirmed in thy service, art exerting every effort in this work and taking great pains, and so, too, the teacher in the school, Miss Lillian Kappes. Give her my most affectionate greetings. Upon thee be the glory of the All-Glorious.


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