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A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

To the Members of the Spiritual Assembly, upon them be the Glory of God, the Most Glorious.

He is God.

O ye who are chosen! O ye who are firm! O ye who are calling! O ye who are sincere! Verily, I praise my supreme Lord for choosing you to call in His Name among the people, for attracting you to the beauty of the All-Glorious, and for strengthening you to render His Cause victorious.

I trust in Him to make your faces shine forth with a glorious light in that clime, radiant as the face of heaven at early dawn, casting its light upon all regions.

Verily, I announce the glad-tidings of the confirmations which will sustain you, by the mercy of your Lord. For ye have arisen with all your powers to serve God’s Cause in that vast land. Ponder this great bounty, this wondrous attainment!

With all joy and great happiness I send you the good news of the beginning of the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár in ‘Ishqábád. The friends of God assembled together with great rejoicing, and carried the stones themselves, upon their backs, attracted by the love of God and for the sake of the glory of God. Soon shall that great Temple be completed and the voice of prayer and praise ascend to the sublime Kingdom.

I rejoiced to hear of the momentous undertaking upon which ye have embarked with such joy, ardour, and manifest zeal. I beseech the Lord to aid you in the promotion of His Word, and to assist you, by His ancient grace and favour, to lay the foundation of the Mashriqu’l-Adhkár. Ye, who are the first in that great land to set about this mighty task, shall see erelong how the renown of this undertaking will spread throughout all regions, and how the tidings of its fame will thrill the ears of the people in every land.

Exert your energy to accomplish what ye have undertaken, so that this glorious Temple may be built, that the beloved of God may assemble therein, that they may be constant in their supplication, their glorification and praise, and that they may pray and offer glory unto God for guiding them to His Kingdom.

Convey my greetings and praise to the beloved of God in that glorious country.

Upon you be salutation and praise.


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