Additional Tablets, Extracts and Talks


A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá


The Hand of the Cause of God Ibn-i-Abhar, upon him be the glory of God, the All-Glorious

He is God.

O harbinger of the Covenant! Thou hast written concerning Khurásání, the Muslim divine of Najaf.1 Thou shouldst assuredly write in confidence to Áqá Mírzá Asadu’lláh-i-Mázindarání, asking him, if possible, to make a journey to visit him. He should, with a resolve born of the Kingdom, with spiritual strength and holy aspirations, with the breathings of heaven, and assisted by the confirmations of the Holy Spirit proceed thereto and speak forth with proofs and evidences, that perchance the light of the Most Great Guidance may illuminate Khurásání’s heart and soul, delivering him entirely from his self, and causing him to find peace within the shelter of divine bestowals.

He should, moreover, help him to understand, through proofs and evidences, that the institution of ijtihád,2 the dominion of the ‘ulamá, the pleading of cases before the mujtahids, the attachment of the masses to them and their congregating behind them, and the rule of the religious leaders—all these will erelong be rolled up. The people will all adopt the disposition of the Europeans and become preoccupied with the comforts of this world. The foundation of religion will be entirely shaken and undermined—indeed, behold how weak and feeble it hath already become within this short period of time!

It is thus evident that religion and faith will soon be swept away and forgotten, even as it hath already happened in Europe, unless the hearts are vivified and the souls freed from the world through the breaths of the Holy Spirit and a new Dispensation is inaugurated. This matter is clear and manifest and requireth no further proof or evidence. The Glory of Glories rest upon thee!

Jináb-i-Áqá Mírzá Asadu’lláh must protect the confidentiality of this distinguished personage and speak to him with the utmost forbearance and wisdom. That is to say, he must not vehemently rend the veil asunder.


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