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A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

He is God.

To the pilgrim Áqá Siyyid Yúsuf, upon him rest the glory of God, the All-Glorious.

He is God.

O thou who circlest round the Point of Adoration of all that dwell on earth! Though thou hast endured the toils of travel and traversed both land and sea, yet praise be unto the Ever-Abiding, the Ancient of Days, for thou hast reached a destination that is the utmost desire of those who worship God. It is the focal point of prayer and the seat of glory. It is the snow-white Spot, the holy vale of Towa, and Mount Sinai. It is the Holy Land and the luminous wilderness. It is the Spot round which circumambulate the saints. And it is the object of the invocation “Holy, holy, the Lord our God, the Lord of the angels and the spirit!”1 Wherefore, as a thank-offering for these inexhaustible blessings, lift up thy hands and recite thou this prayer with devotion and fervour:

“O Thou who art the answerer of the cries of the needy! O Thou kind Lord! What merit did I possess, that Thou didst bestow upon me so priceless a gift and vouchsafe unto me so excellent a favour? Thou hast conferred upon me the privilege of kissing Thy sacred Threshold. Oh, what a Threshold! For the souls of the Concourse on high are its watchmen, and the hearts of the denizens of the Abhá Kingdom stand, kneel, and prostrate themselves before it, lowly and submissive, like unto righteous believers.”

Thou wert engaged for some time in rendering outstanding services in that most glorious spot2 and wert responsible for essential tasks. Thy services were praiseworthy and thine efforts pleasing. Return, now, to that land, and resume thy former services. It is hoped that, through the bounties of the All-Glorious Lord, thou wilt achieve even greater success than before, wilt cheer all the friends through distinguished services, and wilt, at all times, arise as an obedient servant to render service to the loved ones of God, for service to the loved ones of God is service to God. Glory be upon all who stand firm in the Covenant of God.


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