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Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

O ye who thirst for the truth!

Iran is in ruins; indeed, all parties have taken an axe in hand and are striking at the root of this ancient edifice, utterly unaware that this axe is destroying the foundation and these blows are uprooting it. Each party imagineth that it is engaged in construction and yet, as is stated in the Qur’án, “by their own hands they demolish their houses”.1

However, these homeless wanderers have no affiliation with any party and are not inclined towards any one of them. We labour instead for Iran’s vitality to be strengthened. And it is evident that such strengthening is impossible save through instituting divine virtues and morals. When virtues are established and characters refined, progress in all matters is assured. No nation can attain prosperity and success save through the refinement of morals. When characters are improved, sciences and arts flourish; minds become vastly enlightened; hearts are filled with truthfulness and trustworthiness, with zeal, devotion, and determination; statesmanship attaineth its highest degree; new industries become widespread; commerce is expanded; and courage and audacity raise aloft their banner. The nation passeth from one condition to another. It becometh a new creation, and the verse “Blessed, therefore, be God, the most excellent of Makers!”2 is realized.

The Land of Ḥijáz was a sandy desert—arid, barren, and uncultivated. Yet through the dawning of the Sun of Truth, it became the Qiblih of the world and a land round which circle peoples from every region of the earth. Now that the Most Great Light hath risen above the horizon of Iran, consider what the future will hold for it. It is my hope that ye, too, will be among those who labour to establish this great edifice.

Upon you be the Glory of the All-Glorious.

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