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A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá

He is God.

O thou who hast believed in a Beauty that hath shone forth upon all regions! Although, to outward seeming, it is some while since correspondence and communication took place between us, yet mine inmost heart is thrilling with the remembrance of the loved ones of God, is stirring like unto the zephyr, and is surging like unto the mighty deep.

These days, the region of the Caucasus hath acquired an extraordinary receptivity. An effort must needs be exerted so that it may be proven that “Qáf, by the glorious Qur’án”1 is the nest of the Divine Eastern Phoenix: Haply, the voice of the Símurgh2 of the Cause of God may be raised from those territories and regions, and the reflection of this luminous mountain fall in effulgence and splendour upon this illimitable expanse.

He said:

Phoenix of Truth! For thee have I yearned!

Yet praiséd be God, from Mount Qáf thou’rt returned!3

Let it be seen what the power of the outstretched arm of the friends may now accomplish!

The Glory of God rest upon thee.


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