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A Tablet of ‘Abdu’l‑Bahá


The friends of God and the handmaids of the Merciful, upon them rest the Glory of the All-Glorious

He is God.

O ye who are sincere! O ye who are enraptured! O ye who are steadfast in the Covenant and Testament! Praised be God that the barred path hath been cleared and communication hath been reestablished. Joyful news hath been received from the friends in those lands, bearing the tidings that they are steadfast in the Cause of the Ever-Living, Self-Subsisting Lord, and stand as firm as a lofty and immovable mountain in faith and certitude.

Until now, it was not possible to travel and pass through that port, but, praised be God, in these days some friends have arrived from those regions and brought with them joyful tidings. Henceforth, the movement of the friends to and from those lands shall continue unabated. It is my hope that that port city may become illumined, the number of the friends therein may increase with every passing day, and souls may gather beneath the shadow of the Word of God, chant the verses of His Divine Unity, make the preserved Tablet of the Covenant an adornment around their necks, and attire their heads with the crown of firmness and the diadem of steadfastness. May they kindle the fire of love and burn away the veils of doubt, so that the beauty of the Divine Teachings may be fully unveiled, may shine like a bright candle in every gathering, and may reveal its splendour in every assembly.

Owing to the recent war and the great convulsion that ensued, souls that were fast asleep have been awakened, the heedless have become mindful, and the fame of the Divine Teachings hath been diffused throughout all regions. After fifty years, that which was promised in the Kitáb-i-Aqdas and the Súriy-i-Haykal hath been fulfilled and realized, and the significance of the words addressed to Berlin hath become as apparent and manifest as the clear horizon. The mystery of the words of warning to Wilhelm hath been made evident, and the address to the “Spot situated between the two seas” hath become as manifest as the sun and moon in the heavens. The verse “the throne of tyranny hath, verily, been established upon thee” and the great prophecies and momentous happenings foretold by the Pen of the Most High have all come to pass.

In brief, it hath become apparent to all that the spirit of the age and the well-being of this century are today dependent upon the Teachings revealed by the Pen of Glory. Even the President established fourteen points as the foundation of the League of Nations.1 Twelve of these were, fifty years ago, explicitly revealed by the Pen of the Most High, were disseminated throughout the world by means of newspapers and epistles, and the prominent people of Europe and America were apprised thereof.

Our purpose is this, that the time hath come for the friends, one and all, to arise to guide the people, and to lead the souls aright by their conduct, their deeds, and their words. Should they arise to do so, confirmations from the Kingdom of Glory shall descend upon them continually and the sweet savours of holiness shall be spread abroad.

The Glory of the Glories rest upon you!

30 July 1919


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