2 February 1999 – To the European Bahá’í Youth Council


The Universal House of Justice

2 February 1999

To the European Bahá’í Youth Council

To the Meeting of European National Bahá’í Youth Committees called by the European Bahá’í Youth Council in Nove Zamky, Slovakia

Beloved Friends,

The Bahá’í communities of the European continent play a unique role in the Bahá’í world. In no other continent are there so many independent national Bahá’í communities in such a relatively small area speaking such a diversity of languages, living in countries which, after centuries of internecine strife, are being pulled by the force of providence into ever closer collaboration. These countries are linked, moreover, by the ties of history with every other part of the world.

The struggles of the European nations towards harmony and justice, the periodic resurgence of violent opposition to the dual process of the emancipation and unification of peoples, are a concentrated sample of the labor of the whole world for the unification of humankind, which is the hallmark of this Dispensation.

In this context one can better appreciate the importance of the devoted, enthusiastic and collaborative activity of the Bahá’í youth throughout Europe. It is the very diversity and complexity of Europe that required the establishment of the European Bahá’í Youth Council as an institution which, at one and the same time, facilitates collaboration among the European Bahá’í youth, assists them to have a united vision, and provides them with a voice in the councils of other youth movements on that continent.

National Youth Committees have great responsibilities for the activities of the young Bahá’ís in their respective countries. May your efforts assist them all to enrich the record of their already outstanding services to the Cause, to deepen their understanding of the Teachings of Bahá’u’lláh, and to uphold in every aspect of their lives the standards of behavior which He has set before them.

It is our fervent prayer at the Sacred Threshold that your deliberations at this gathering will give a new impetus to the endeavors of the European Bahá’í youth for the achievement of the Four Year Plan as a basis for the great work which lies ahead of them thereafter.

[signed: The Universal House of Justice]

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