Navigating Document Lists

Messages of the Universal House of Justice are presented in a table that can be sorted, filtered and searched. These messages are also available for download (See: Downloading Publications).

Sorting and filtering the message list

Message filter

Column headings

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By default documents are sorted in reverse chronological order. Clicking on the column heading “Addressed to” sorts document by their addressee and clicking again on a column heading reverses the sorting order.

In order to quickly locate documents, the list can be filtered based on the date, “to” and summary information.

Filtering only applies to the information directly visible in the list and does not search the contents of documents.

Filters can be applied by, clicking on the search bar above the Messages table on the right, and selecting “Filter list of messages”. Enter terms or partial terms into the “Filter document list” box. The list will update as full or partial terms are entered, showing only rows that contain each term/partial term. The filter can be cleared by simply pressing the “Esc” key or clicking the ‘X’ icon to the right of the filter box.

Some examples of filters include:

By “Date”: “1986”, “28 dec”, “ridvan”
By “To”: “world”, “counsellor”
By “Summary”: “training”, “family”

Searching inside Messages of the Universal House of Justice

A search of the contents of documents can be performed by entering search terms in the search menu and “Search full text of messages”. This option is selected by default.

On the search results page, results can ordered by relevance or date. In addition, they can be filtered to a specific date range and by messages from the Universal House of Justice and those written on its behalf.