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The gradual development of the Bahá’í community’s administrative structures and the refinement of its associated processes are areas that have received significant attention since the inception of the Bahá’í Faith. The subject is described in some detail in the Bahá’í Administrative Order topic collection in the “What Bahá’ís Believe” area of this website.

The energy that Bahá’ís devote to enhancement of institutional capacity, and the care with which they follow the evolution and development of administrative processes and structures, is not motivated simply by a wish to increase the efficiency with which the Bahá’í community’s own affairs are to be managed. They recognize in this development a necessary contribution to the pattern of a new social order envisaged by Bahá’u’lláh, to the new ways that a mature humanity will attend to its political, social, and cultural affairs.

As the institutions of the Faith gain experience… they become increasingly adept at offering assistance, resources, encouragement, and loving guidance to appropriate initiatives; at consulting freely and harmoniously among themselves and with people they serve; and at channelling individual and collective energies towards the transformation of society.
The Universal House of Justice

Exploring this topic

The activities that have a bearing on the Bahá’í Administrative Order are many and varied. The two articles included here illustrate but a few of the key aspects of this work.