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A selection of readings, essays, and resource materials on the subject of Revelation.

From the Guidance of the Universal House of Justice

Letter to the World’s Religious Leaders

In April 2002, the Universal House of Justice invited the leaders of the world’s religious communities to reexamine the issues lying at the heart of interfaith activity.

Statements and Commentaries

One Common Faith

Prepared in 2005 under the supervision of the Universal House of Justice, this commentary reviews relevant passages from both the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh and the scriptures of other Faiths against the background of the contemporary crisis of sectarianism.

Promoting Religious Tolerance

In this submission—presented to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights in 1995—the Bahá’í International Community suggests a careful reconsideration of the commonly held conceptions that religions are contradictory and that doctrines and practices held to be false must be attacked.


‘The Creator’ from The Purpose of Physical Reality

This extract, taken from The Purpose of Physical Reality by John Hatcher, explores how God becomes known to humanity and how we can develop a personal relationship with something which is essentially unknowable.

The Continuity of Religion

In this essay, first published in The Bahá’í World Volume VI, 1934-1936, Stanwood Cobb describes how religion does not come about by chance, but is part of a continuous plan for the spiritual evolution of humanity.

World Watch 1999-2000: Interreligious Dialogue

In this essay, first published in The Bahá’í World 1999-2000, Ann Boyles looks at advances made and challenges that lie ahead in the field of interreligious dialogue.

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